How Should You Respond to a Chipped Tooth?

Chipping a tooth is never a good development. After all, the incident can ruin your smile’s look and put your health at risk. Still, there’s no need for you to panic over things. You can solve this problem by adopting the right practices. From there, your grin will be as good as new. As for what actions you should take, let your local dentist explain. Here are four crucial steps to follow when dealing with a chipped tooth.

Do an Oral Rinse

Right after you chip a tooth, you shouldn’t just dawdle or ignore the situation. Instead, rinse your mouth out with warm water.

There are several perks to doing an oral rinse post-injury. First, this action keeps the affected area clean and clears any blood or dirt away. It also helps you find any tooth part still in your mouth. By swishing with water, you’ll dislodge this bit and avoid further damage.

Reduce Your Discomfort

Naturally, you may feel pain once you’ve chipped a tooth. The site of your injury could also be sensitive or swollen. If you suffer such symptoms, find ways to manage and reduce your discomfort.

A few good methods exist for easing your pain. Of course, you could take over-the-counter pain medicines. Another approach is to (indirectly) apply an ice pack, which should both numb the area and lower any swelling.

Stop Any Bleeding

When a tooth chips, your mouth suffers trauma. This trauma sometimes leads to bleeding. If that applies to you, stop the blood flow with a clean towel or gauze.

Clearly, there are good reasons to stop your bleeding. The action reduces your risk of swallowing excess blood. At the same time, it helps your injury site heal more quickly. Just remember to hold steady pressure on the tooth or gums. Also, visit the nearest emergency room if the bleeding is excessive.

See Your Dentist ASAP

Even if you’re attentive, you can’t handle a chipped tooth alone. Therefore, book an emergency visit with your dentist and see them right away.

You see, dentists have many great ways to treat your chipped tooth. Your own may suggest one of the following:

• Tooth Filling – If only a tiny piece of your tooth broke off, a filling could likely repair the damage. The latter option would fill the hole with resin that hardens and protects the area.

• Dental Bonding – A small chip can be hidden under tooth-colored resin, which would blend with the rest of your smile.

• Dental Crown – When a larger tooth piece breaks off, your pearly white lacks the structure for a filling. In such cases, a dentist could place a dental crown to cap the site and protect it from further harm.

• Porcelain Veneers – A porcelain veneer can easily cover a large chip, especially when the broken tooth is in the front of the mouth.

As you can see, a chipped tooth isn’t the world’s end. Use the steps above and see your local dentist to get your grin the help it needs!

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